When being the "best man" for a special wedding, a special present must be thought.


Unoo can be seen as one ring for two lovers or two rings for one love. The rings have a thin border that allows them to click in each other and become one ring. A box made out of oak wood was also thought, in order to complete the metaphor: the design of the product was including the symbolic gesture of extracting the ring from the box during the wedding ceremony and “break” it in order to obtain two rings to we worn by the bride and the groom.


The whole process was digitally fabricated except for the gold micro fusion. A first model of the ring was 3D printed. The sphere box   was CNC milled  and detailed through laser cut.


The type/color of the gold was chosen by the couple and the gold fabrication was done by N'UOVA Design Lab and with the support of Carlo Barberis srl in Valenza Po, Italy.

Technical drawing

Interaction storyboard