Malaysia and Singapore Research Project


As an extra curricular activity, I was selected, together with other 29 people, to participate to the research project 2010, organized by the Student Association of the Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) Faculty, TU Delft.


The project consisted of three phases: three weeks of field research in Malaysia and Singapore, preceded by three months of literature research and three months of study cases in collaboration with companies interested in extending their market to Southeast Asia and therefore sponsorizing the trip.


Together with a team of five people, we collaborated with Materia, a company involved in material research with the task of discovering new materials for design and architecture. On the other hand we were asked to write some articles about the use of local materials in  Singapore architecture, to be used for the magazine Materia publishes.


Photo courtesy: Geert Niermeijer,

Simone Rebaudengo


Project Team:


Alice Mela

Anne Streef

Lennard van der Meij

Brigit Hoogenberk

Tim Visser