In my early childhood I remember wanting to build my Barbies furniture myself (but unfortunately kids and saws are never a good idea). By the time I was in third grade I was selling cotton bracelets and deflated ballons full of flour as anti-stress balls to my classmates.


Back then, making was for me a way to get my toys without having to depend on somebody else purchases/choices and a way to express my creativity. Today things are not so different. I like exploring technologies and materials in order to understand how things work and then be able to make/fix my own things, without having to depend on planned obsolescence and hyper consumerism.  Beside this it still is a way to express my own Ego. Some people paint, I make.





I held my first disposable camera at the age of 8, when I couldn't wait to make all sort of pictures during my school trips. Today, after an infinite number of disposable, analog and digital compact cameras, Polaroid and SLR cameras, I still haven't lost my passion.


Taking pictures is for me a sort of voyeurism, an excuse to stare at things I wouldn't otherwise. A lens on my eyes is like a mask on my face, it allows me to be someone different.


My love for taking pictures goes along very well with my need for traveling. Whether it is for work, study, love or fun, moving around the world makes me free and makes me know more about people. The more I know about people, the more I want to know and the more I want to travel. I am always thirsty for new adventures and seeking new inspirations and never tired of searching for them in new undiscovered places.


Most of the pictures shown were taken with the following analog lenses:


Vario Elmar Leica F:3.5 35-70 mm

Vario Elmar Leica F: 4.5 75-200 mm