Concept for an inflatable pavillion for concerts based on a parametric system where the amount of air inflated defines different positions of the same component.


A single mesh of flexible components allows the positioning of two layers of inflatable’s units, creating a system able to curve in four different directions. The mash uses two different components, that properly oriented allow different curves.


The use of inflatable units assures the system to be very light and to use the lowest amount possible of materials.


Project Team:


Alice Mela

Lieke Kraan

Yaron Israel

Grasshopper study of one of the intermediate components

Study of the final proliferation

One week workshop in collaboration with Elisava,  Escola Superior de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona .


The workshop was centered around the definition of a component, its proliferation with Grasshopper and its fabrication .


The parametric system had to be designed and fabricated (by cnc milling a mold and casting the components in plaster and metal) in five days.


Project Team:


Alice Mela

Paola Betances

Sine Celik

Pankaj Mhatre

Francisco Tabanera

Wen Ting



Components study