Graduation project in collaboration with Philips Research (Visual Experiences group) and Tu Delft (ID StudioLab) with the goal of findings new solutions for LEDs embedded in the home context.

DryLight is a series of drywall panels that embed LED lighting. This solution allows lighting to be visible only when switched on, preventing     

     lamps from becoming intrusive or space wasting. Thanks to the miniaturization, the low heat propagation and the long lifetime of high brightness LEDs, Drylight allows to hide any pattern and color of light creating engaging environments and exciting effects.

A full User Centered and Experience prototyping methodology was applied, from low fidelity prototypes until final ones. Every aspect was considered, from cultural probes until the electronic details of the prototypes.

The graduation was awarded with Cum Laude and patents on my name have been filed in India, Brazil, China, USA and Europe.