This website displays the work and passions of Alice Mela, a Product Designer, with a sweet tooth for User Interaction. A background in Industrial Design, together with a specialization in User interaction gives to my work a 360° perspective: from stakeholder requirements definition to prototyping, from qualitative user studies (personas, probes kits, observational and usability studies etc.) and conceptualizing to technical embodiment and machining.
My work centers around finding solutions to human needs and desires, always keeping in mind that users are our most powerful tool. Through the use of UCD techniques (sensitizing with tangible probes, playing and with mock-ups, observing users reactions etc.) I overcome my own assumptions to uncover the true design objectives. By providing users with prototypes on different fidelity levels during the project, I give them the opportunity to open up and contribute to the process. I love to make things talk. Generating ideas through the manipulation of materials and shapes. I like to be sustainable and to share.
Open source. Open design. Open mind.